A Fond Farewell to our Pattison Lake House

 At LONG last we are finally here and beginning to feel settled into our new home in South Carolina.  For the past couple of weeks we’ve been unpacking boxes and trying to figure out where things should go.  We’ve also been trying to find our way around the city (I’ve gotten lost three times), have been shopping for a new car, searching out the right people to help with yard work and bug control (EEK!), looking for a good place to take Mr. OTN’s dry cleaning, etc., etc., etc.  We’ve been church shopping as well, which is a whole new experience here.  How do you know you are in the South?  There are more churches than there are Starbucks!  The FUN part of decorating our home has also begun and my plan is to get one room (nearly) completed at a time and share my progress with y’all (trying out my Southern accent) as I go. 

In the meantime, this post is a fond farewell to our Pattison Lake home back  in Washington State.  Let me share with you our “million dollar view”  and some of the sights we saw each and every day.

2-Pattison Lake 007The sky was always changing and we took many pictures during our ten years on the lake.  This is one of our sunrises as viewed from our deck.  Fall sunrises were always the BEST!

2-Pattison Lake 006This is the same sky reflected in the lake.

1-Pattison Lake 005And here, a different day, a different color.

1-Pattison Lake 001Do you see Mount Rainier over to the right in this picture?  Love that mountain!

1-Foggy Sunrise on Pattison lake 002And here is yet another day with the sunrise peeking through the fog.

We had some marvelous moonrises over the lake as well.

1-Moonrise over Pattison Lake 001-0012-Moonrise over Pattison Lake 002-0011-Moonrise over Pattison Lake 003

3-Moonrise over Pattison Lake 007Here is a moonrise on the lakeside while the sun was setting behind our house.

1-Sunset over Pattison lake 001

3-Sunset over Pattison lake 014

2-Sunset over Pattison lake 012Can you see why it was a bit hard for us to leave our lake house?

On summer evenings one of our favorite things to do was to cruise around the lake on our pontoon boat.  I never tired of looking at other peoples houses and yards to see what they were up to.  Pattison Lake used to be a resort lake and, unlike the lakes closer in to Seattle with their multi-million dollar houses, many of these lake homes are simple summer cabins.  This is exactly what made it feel like we were on a never ending vacation while we lived there, especially in summer.

15-Pattison Lake Homes 093So come along with me as I enjoy one last cruise around the lake.  I think you’ll see the fun nature of our neighbors in some of the yards and also catch a glimpse of the patriotism of this military community.

72-Pattison Lake Homes 20901-Pattison Lake Homes 040

02-Pattison Lake Homes 04103-Pattison Lake Homes 047

04-Pattison Lake Homes 052

14-Pattison Lake Homes 08605-Pattison Lake Homes 05507-Pattison Lake Homes 06108-Pattison Lake Homes 06210-Pattison Lake Homes 06813-Pattison Lake Homes 083

16-Pattison Lake Homes 096

17-Pattison Lake Homes 09819-Pattison Lake Homes 102

22-Pattison Lake Homes 109

23-Pattison Lake Homes 11524-Pattison Lake Homes 116

25-Pattison Lake Homes 117

26-Pattison Lake Homes 12027-Pattison Lake Homes 121

28-Pattison Lake Homes 123

29-Pattison Lake Homes 125

30-Pattison Lake Homes 126

31-Pattison Lake Homes 128

32-Pattison Lake Homes 129

33-Pattison Lake Homes 130

34-Pattison Lake Homes 135

35-Pattison Lake Homes 136

36-Pattison Lake Homes 137

37-Pattison Lake Homes 138

38-Pattison Lake Homes 143

39-Pattison Lake Homes 145

40-Pattison Lake Homes 147

41-Pattison Lake Homes 149

42-Pattison Lake Homes 151

43-Pattison Lake Homes 152

44-Pattison Lake Homes 155

45-Pattison Lake Homes 158

46-Pattison Lake Homes 159

47-Pattison Lake Homes 161

48-Pattison Lake Homes 162

49-Pattison Lake Homes 164

51-Pattison Lake Homes 166

52-Pattison Lake Homes 169

53-Pattison Lake Homes 171

54-Pattison Lake Homes 172

55-Pattison Lake Homes 174

56-Pattison Lake Homes 175

57-Pattison Lake Homes 181

58-Pattison Lake Homes 184

59-Pattison Lake Homes 185

60-Pattison Lake Homes 186

61-Pattison Lake Homes 187

62-Pattison Lake Homes 188

63-Pattison Lake Homes 189

64-Pattison Lake Homes 190

65-Pattison Lake Homes 191

68-Pattison Lake Homes 197

70-Pattison Lake Homes 199

74-Pattison Lake Homes 216

75-Pattison Lake Homes 218Finally, here we are back at home.73-Pattison Lake Homes 211I’m not sure what the glow is in this final picture of our old house but I like to think it is the blessing that rests over it. We are absolutely thrilled that our friends John and Debbie bought our home and will continue to enjoy it as much as we did.  This home had many people in and out of it’s doors during our time there and it was often a refuge to the weary and brokenhearted.  John and Deb will continue that tradition and for that we are thankful.

76-Pattison Lake Homes 219To be very honest, moving away from Washington State, the only place I’ve ever lived, has been an emotional roller coaster.  I’ve had times of great excitement and absolute joy over this beautiful new place we get to live but also times of great sadness, especially over the great friends I’ve left behind.  I know without a doubt though that this is where we are supposed to be and I’m looking forward to the adventure that lies before us.

So . . . farewell to Pattison Lake with a picture of one last rainbow to remind us that God is smiling down on us, wherever we are.

1-Pattison Lake Rainbow 001 Blessings,

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