A Christmas Tour of Our New Home

Welcome dear friends, to a Christmas Tour of our New Home!  This tour is special to me because not only is it our very first year living in a new home, but also our first year in a whole new land!  At least that’s what it seems like to me! 

Nearly four months ago we took the long trek cross country from the Pacific Northwest to Upcountry South Carolina. The Seattle area was the only place I’d ever lived so it has been the greatest adventure of my life.  So far I am absolutely loving the greater Greenville area.  I love the warmth and hospitality of the people, the gorgeous scenery, the vibrance of the city of Greenville, and I especially love the great weather.  People mistakenly think we live in a very hot and humid place (and it can get that way in summer) but living in the upcountry, the gateway to the Great Smokey Mountains, we have four distinct seasons, mostly sunny!

Enough talking. I have tons of pictures to share so I’ll be quiet and only speak when I think an explanation is needed.

2014 Christmas Lights 005 This is a picture of our new home all decked out for Christmas.  It was a very Griswold experience that you can read about HERE if you haven’t already.

2014 Christmas Lights 051 I’ve shown you pictures of my Entry Hall before but it looks a lot more festive decorated for Christmas.


Christmas 2014 105

Christmas 2014 106

Christmas 2014 050

Here are some closeups.

Christmas 2014 088

Christmas 2014 101

Christmas 2014 102

Christmas 2014 100

Christmas 2014 094

Christmas 2014 097

Christmas 2014 082

My nutcrackers are in the Entry Hall. I wrote about Creating a Glittery Nutcracker From a Thrift Store Find right HERE

Christmas 2014 078 Off to the right as you enter our home is the dining room which is a work in progress.   I began stripping wallpaper before the holidays and this is a thrifted dining set that needs to be refinished.  I’ve already done the buffet and shared a tutorial for doing A Color Wash HERE You can also see more pictures of it by clicking on the LINK.

Christmas 2014 091

2014 Christmas Chandy 002 Step by step instructions for Decorating a Chandy for Christmas can be found HERE

Christmas 2014 090

If you continue down the hallway the next room to the right is my kitchen.  My entire kitchen isn’t pictured because . . . it is in cooking mode today as my kids are coming into town for Christmas!

Christmas 2014 049

I’ve tucked a lot of greenery here and there throughout the house.  Did you know that Lowe’s gives it away free?

Christmas 2014 001

Christmas 2014 003 Christmas 2014 004

Christmas 2014 006

Christmas 2014 008

Christmas 2014 016

Christmas 2014 019

I wrote about my thrifted kitchen chandy HERE.

You wouldn’t believe the before pictures!

Christmas 2014 014

Christmas 2014 025

Across from the kitchen is the den which is the first room I revealed on Old Things New.   It is a little more Christmassy now!

Christmas 2014 034

Christmas 2014 035

Christmas 2014 043 This is the view from the den into the screened room.  I love throwing open the shutters and letting the sunshine in!

Close ups.

Christmas 2014 046

Christmas 2014 035

Christmas 2014 036

Christmas 2014 040

Christmas 2014 041

Christmas 2014 045

Christmas 2014 049

Christmas 2014 058

Putz Houses 056 My last post was a tutorial on making a Glittery Christmas Village, which is my Christmas mantle decor this year.

Our living room sits right behind the den which is great for the flow of entertaining.  These are the first pictures I’ve shared of this space.

Christmas 2014 060 I may have to come back and give details in another post.

Christmas 2014 064

Christmas 2014 072

Christmas 2014 054 More close ups.

Christmas 2014 061

Misc 010

Christmas 2014 070 This is the clock I created while taking the Farragoz old world furniture painting course.  I’ll be sharing more in a future post or you can click on the Farragoz picture on my sidebar if you’d like to know more now.

Christmas 2014 067

Christmas 2014 110 On to the screened porch, my favorite room!  I’ve added a few decorations since my last post HERE, plus plenty of blankets so we can enjoy sitting outside on a sunny but chilly day in winter.

Christmas 2014 081

Christmas 2014 080

Christmas 2014 077

Christmas 2014 079

Christmas 2014 076

Christmas 2014 093

Christmas 2014 112 That’s it for now.  I’ve taken you all around the downstairs area of my home.  We are still working on settling into the upstairs rooms and maybe we’ll have those ready for next year’s Christmas tour! 

I’m going to run now and get ready for the first of my holiday company to arrive, my oldest daughter Joy and son-in-law Andrew.  They are flying in from New York in just three hours and I am SOoooooooo EXCITED to see them.  My daughter Bethany will be flying in from SoCal next week so we will all be together for Christmas in our new home! 

Christmas blessings y’all from beautiful South Carolina.  May all your days be merry and bright!

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