One Fantastic Easter Table!!!

Twigs Easter Table

Sometimes I don’t feel like the awesome self that God created me to be.

Sometimes, even when I’m writing posts about Being Grateful, trying my best to make you laugh, and trying my best to make me laugh at myself, I can’t pretend to feel like everything is perfect.  

Twigs Easter Table 034

But that’s okay. I gave up perfectionism quite awhile ago and exchanged it for a life of living with as much authenticity as I can, and it is a much easier way to live.

Twigs Easter Table 001

Twigs Easter Table 002

So when I’m feeling a little frustrated that this broken wrist of mine makes it hard to create or write, or even type . . . when slowing down allows feelings I’ve been burying with busyness to surface and reminds me of how much I miss friends I left behind . . . wayyy over on the opposite side of the country . . . it’s okay.

Twigs Easter Table 024

 It’s good to feel sadness over being so far from people that I love.

Twigs Easter Table 021

It reminds me that I’ve been blessed with good, good friends . . .

Twigs Easter Table 016

Twigs Easter Table 015

. . . and family who I love more dearly than they can fathom.

Twigs Easter Table 009

So when I’m forced to slow down and the feelings arise I embrace the sadness, thanking God for the many people He’s placed in my life that have brought me such joy . . . and thanking God for the new friendships He’s developing here in this, our new community.

Last week, since I couldn’t paint or construct or sit typing for very long I went to a favorite new place here in Greenville, SC.

Twigs Easter Table 005

TWIGS is a wonderful home and garden shop where I like to go to soak beautiful displays and be amazed at the creativity of others.

Twigs Easter Table 006

Last week I went into TWIGS to buy a few tulips for my front door arrangement (check it out HERE) and they allowed me to photograph their Fantastic Easter Table!

Twigs Easter Table 007

Twigs Easter Table 003

Twigs Easter Table 020

Twigs Easter Table 008

Twigs Easter Table 004

Twigs Easter Table 017

Twigs Easter Table 032

Isn’t it over-the-top stunning?

Twigs Easter Table 039

I also snapped a few photos of the display that greets you as you walk in the front door.

Twigs Easter Table 042

Twigs Easter Table 041

Do you see the bushels of mini-watermelons?  This store always brings a great big smile to my face!

Twigs Easter Table 010

I’ll be in a cast for at least five more weeks so you may see the posts slowing down a bit.  While my mind is full of ideas, my right hand isn’t cooperating very well and typing is a SLOW and somewhat painful process.

I hope you were inspired today by some fabulous Easter decor.  For more ideas check out my Pinterest board:  Spring/Easter Ideas  I think you’ll love it!


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