Shabby Kitchen Table . . . You’ve Stolen my Heart!

My Shabby Kitchen Table has been used in many a photo shoot here at Old Things New, but I don’t believe she’s ever had her very own feature!  I guess it’s about time since this was one of the first pieces I ever painted with chalk paint.

Vintage Kitchen Table (fold-in leaf) 006She is a great table with lovely legs!

Antique table before I recognized her potential right away even when I first found her painted gold and sealed with grime!

Vintage Kitchen Table (fold-in leaf) 011I was so excited to bring her home and give her a fresh new look.

Vintage Kitchen Table (fold-in leaf) 005The best thing about this dining table is that she easily goes from being a table for four . . .

Vintage Kitchen Table (fold-in leaf) 001. . . to a table for six, simply by pulling up the built in leaf!

Vintage Kitchen Table (fold-in leaf) 004 It is always so hard to find a place to store table leaves when they aren’t in use.  I think whoever came up with this idea was simply brilliant!

Vintage Kitchen Table (fold-in leaf) 016This was another paint project that was done by layering and mixing different colors of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint . . .

Vintage Kitchen Table (fold-in leaf) 007. . . then distressing with a damp cloth before the paint dried completely . . .

Vintage Kitchen Table (fold-in leaf) 020. . . and distressing a little more with a sanding sponge before sealing with wax.

Vintage Kitchen Table (fold-in leaf) 019

Vintage Kitchen Table (fold-in leaf) 013I was so pleased with the way the layered colors came out and the soft sheen of the wax.

Vintage Kitchen Table (fold-in leaf) 022I’ve thoroughly enjoyed this little dining table and she has been perfect for our lake house.  Since we’re moving cross country though, and need to lighten our load, she was sold at our flash garage sale last weekend.  Note: We’ve found that cross country moving expenses are unbelievably high and I’m sad that I’ve had to part with quite a bit of furniture. The upside is that I will be doing a lot of thrifting and antiquing once we get to our new home.  Plenty of future material for Old Things New!

It feels sorta funny (if funny qualifies as a feeling) to let go of this shabby kitchen table.  I think even more so because as I look at this table I remember the many faces that have sat around it over the past several years.  Parents, children, sisters and brothers, friends both old and new, my dear crafting buddies, some amazing pastors and leaders, Freedom Session facilitators and even many of our FS participants, who have poured out their hearts right here at this table.

Wow . . . I don’t think there is a single piece of furniture that holds my heart quite as strongly as my shabby little kitchen table.  I can only hope and pray that her new family will create as many fond memories around this table as we have.


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