An Elegant Thrift Store Chandy!

Thrifted Kitchen Chandy 005 “This is a gift we’ve left for you . . . My husband made it himself . . . Please don’t take it down.”

These were the words that sweet Mrs. F., the former owner of our new home, said of the light fixture in the kitchen dining nook on the day of the final walk through.

Having already been on Craigslist searching for chandys I smiled politely, not knowing how to respond and just said, “Thank you.”

Craigslist. Tiffany Lamp & Packing Boxex 002 As you can see, this Tiffany style stained glass chandelier is not a bad looking chandelier.  In fact it’s very pretty and, as Mrs. F. pointed out to me, it matched perfectly the bright colors in the kitchen curtains . . .

. . . which I’ve taken down (but more on that later).

The problem is that it’s just not my style.

“What do I DO?” I whined to my friend Debbie.  “Mr. OTN told them we would invite them over once we were settled in!”

“Maybe you could just tell her that since this is such a special piece you’d like to know if they would like it back if you ever decide to change it.”

Debbie had the right answer of course but . . .

I hate this kind of stuff!

I hate making people feel bad!

I hate to seem like an ungrateful receiver of a gift!

Why else did I keep that purple tree made from plastic beads on display in my living room for so long . . . years even?  Because my mom gave it to me and I didn’t want her to feel bad.  One of my friends once commented on it and told me that her mom gifted her with the same tree only she kept hers in the laundry room.  I think that is when my tree found a new place to live.

So maybe I’d just keep the  Tiffany lamp up for awhile . . . at least until after we’d had them over to see how the house looked.

First Thrifted Find - French Chandy 001 Then it happened.  

We stopped in at Habitat for Humanity just to browse around and  Mr. OTN spotted this!

The perfect chandy for our space . . . or at least it would be . . . after a little work.

First Thrifted Find - French Chandy 002 A little Oil Rubbed Bronze spray paint, a little rewiring by my eagle eyed hubby, a few magnetic crystals from Ballard Design (the big splurge), a set of new drum shades,

Thrifted Kitchen Chandy 015 and here is my elegant new kitchen chandy!

Thrifted Kitchen Chandy 009 “WHAT?  How could you?”,  you ask. “What about those dear sweet people who sold you the house?  How will they feel?”

Thankfully Mr. OTN came to my rescue . . . not the first time . . . when Mr. F. came by the house to show him something.  I had told him Deb’s advice and he came right out and asked Mr. F. if he ever wanted the light fixture back if we found something that was “more our style” (not exactly Deb’s words).  Mr. F. assured him that we could keep it as it was one of his first stained glass pieces and he didn’t feel that it was that well done.

Thrifted Kitchen Chandy 010 Whew!  Problem solved!  Can you believe I’m such a chicken when it comes to things like that?  Thankfully Mr. OTN has an easier time being direct!  In fact, once when my mom gave him a set of brightly colored paper mache’ fish for Christmas he had no problem returning them to the store and buying what HE wanted instead.  But that’s a whole ‘nother story!

Thrifted Kitchen Chandy 008 I love the look of my new chandy hanging in the kitchen dining nook.

Thrifted Kitchen Chandy 006 I love the curviness of it’s arms and the contrast of the sparkling crystals against the dark oil rubbed bronze. Thrifted Kitchen Chandy 016 I love the way the crystals reflect light around the room when the morning sun shines through the windows.

Thrifted Kitchen Chandy 001 I love having a husband who is strong when I am weak and on multiple occasions has bailed me out!  The reverse is also true too as I am often strong where he is weak . . . so we make a pretty good team.

The whole kitchen curtain dilemma is next on my agenda but I’ll save that for another post when I’ll be back seeking your advice.  Until then . . .


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P.S. By the way, my mom normally had very good taste. I never could figure out the purple beaded tree or paper mache’ fish though. LOL!
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