When Life Gives You a Broken Wrist (or a Leaky Birdbath) Plant Succulents!

Perhaps you’ve noticed that I haven’t been blogging much lately and yes, there is a reason.  I hate to sound whiny here on my blog and I also hate to seem whimpy.  That’s why I waited a week after breaking my wrist before going to the doctor to have it x-rayed.  That’s also why I waited two weeks after the cast came off before going back to the doctor with my suspicion that something wasn’t right.  Pride?  Yeah, maybe.

Feeling more pain after the cast comes off than when it went on is not good.  Not being able to write or type or turn the key in the ignition, or sleep soundly at night because of shooting pain up your arm is bad.  Having your husband tell you to get into the doctor, when your husband is a doctor, is the worst!

I remind myself that a broken wrist is a little thing and how blessed I am compared to people who have really awful things in their lives.  Still, not being able to work on all of the projects I’ve started has left me feeling a bit “down in the dumps” for the past couple of months (losing our SnoopyGirl didn’t help either).

Succulent birdbath prep

Before planting I drilled a few holes in the bottom of the cement birdbath and added rocks to the bottom for drainage as succulents don’t like to remain too moist.

So when life gives you a broken wrist, or a leaky birdbath, the perfect thing to do is plant succulents!  I have been able to do projects that don’t require small motor movement of my right hand and wrist so I’ve been spending a lot of time working in my yard, which is a delight this time of year.  Now . . . since even writing this little bit is painful . . . I’m going to move on and show you the pics I took after planting this old birdbath and thrift store pitcher with succulents. 

Succulent birdbath 001

Succulent Birdbath 001a

This is one small corner of my yard where I’ve added color. Beyond the grass is a fenced wooded area with a walking trail.  We plan to add more plantings along the edge of the grass as time goes on in order to create a bit of an enclosed courtyard feeling to our backyard.

Succulent Birdbath 002

Succulent birdbath 011

Over the summer these succulents will grow and begin to overflow this container like they did in the three-tiered succulent planter I did a couple of summers ago.

 Super simple and super cute right?  And how handy it was to have a tree right there to wire the pitcher to.

Succulent Birdbath 006

Today I start twice weekly occupational therapy on my frozen wrist.  My faith tells me to pray for healing of my wrist.  I’ve had lots of prayer and I believe that God is healing my hand.  The whiny in me would love for it to be sooner rather than later.

Though I’ve missed sharing what I’m working on with you all I can honestly say that I’m enjoying not having the pressure of hours spent preparing and sharing posts.  As we head into summer my stress meter is lower than it’s been in a long time so perhaps I’m learning a thing or two along the way.  Any maybe, just maybe, God’s timing for healing my hand is the perfect timing :)

Though I’m not blogging much right now I AM taking pictures of the things I’m enjoying every day. If you like to share in that, please follow me on Instagram.

Blessings to you until the next time,

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