Counting Down the Hours!

I am SO excited.

I just don’t know if I’ll be able to sleep tonight!

Do you have any idea what happens when I don’t get enough sleep?   No, of course you don’t!  I get all emotional and teary and giggly and silly all at the same time.  I don’t function very effectively and I need to be able to function to take in all that this upcoming weekend has to offer!

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So what is all the excitement about?  This weekend I will be attending my first Allume Conference in Greenville, SC (right down the road from where I now live).  Not only that!  My gal Debbie and her husband John (the ones who bought our old house) are flying in tonight so she can attend the conference with me!


So what is the Allume Conference all about?

Logan Wolfram, Executive Director and Host of Allume says:

“We desire to increase people’s passion for the power of Jesus to reach others…to equip them with the vehicle of online blogging and social media, to engage them to recognize the power of the voice that they have in that space, and to release them into the world… into that space… and into their communities with a greater passion for the power of Jesus to reach others.
It’s ‘Real Light Living.’ “

In addition to a great statement of purpose this conference will be packed with awesome speakers, individual workshops, opportunities to fellowship with other writers, and (they tell us) gifts galore!  Again . . . Woot!

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I first heard about the conference from Diane at An Extraordinary Day last Spring when she emailed me in response to a question I asked her.  As that email came through my inbox Mr. OTN and I were in the process of planning a trip to Greenville to check on a job opportunity and to see if the city would be a place where we might like to relocate.

                         Me:  “Can you believe it? A Christian bloggers and writer’s conference in Greenville, of all places!”

                        Mr. OTN:  “When is it?”

                        Me:  “In October.”

                        Mr. OTN:  “Book it!”

                         Me:  “What?  How do you know we’ll be living there?”

                         Mr. OTN:  “Book it!” 

I guess I would’ve been making my way across the country to the conference if he hadn’t been offered the job he applied for the on the very same day that he interviewed for it.  Maybe Mr. OTN knew something I didn’t about the direction our lives would take but a Christian blogger’s conference in Greenville was definitely one of the many “signs” that pointed the way toward South Carolina.

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So, the guest room is ready . . . though not decorated exactly the way I want it . . .  but hey, we haven’t even been here for two months.

I’m ready . . . to hug on Deb’s neck and to go to what I believe will be a fabulous conference together!

Mr. OTN is ready  . . . to see his friend John and to hang out and do guy things . . . like watching the Seahawks in our NW/Seahawk themed Bonus Room!

I’m hoping to come back from the weekend with lots of goodness to share with Y’all.


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