Spiffin’ up the Screened Porch the Easy Way!

I’m not a writer today.  Nope!  Since I’m working an a huge list of “to-do’s” in anticipation of our vacation next week (YAY!)  I will be showing and going today!  This is a much past due post.  I took the pictures in May, at the tail end of “the blowing of the pollen”, after a full day of cleaning the screened porch and it’s furnishings.

Washing screened porch 002

With yellow pollen covering everything I cleaned my screened porch the easy way, by taking everything out to the deck and hosing out the inside . . .

Washing porch furniture 007a

. . .then doing the same with the furniture outside.  I did scrub things down first with some soapy water.

Washing porch furniture 007

The hose is one of Sasha’s favorite things so she was right there to help!  You’ll notice that Cozy is conspicuously absent throughout this post.

Screened Porch 035

Last Fall, when we first moved in, I showed you pictures of my screened porch with a list of things I’d like to do.  I haven’t done everything on my list but I have freshened things up a bit.

Screened Porch 034

Screened Porch 031

We ordered neutral colored replacement cushions for the sitting area so that we could change our accent colors at will. 

By the way, did I tell you that this entire set of patio furniture was negotiated into the purchase of our home?  People don’t think about doing that but we also negotiated for the couches in our bonus room and den, as well as the bed in one of our guest rooms. 

Screened Porch 012

We added a faux sea grass rug from Lowes to add to the beach feeling and to pull the sitting area together.

Screened Porch 047

We added some bright pillows to the quieter colored pillows we already had.

Screened Porch 019

Screened Porch 011

Screened Porch 021

Most of the accessories came from our old home, “the lake house”, back in Washington State.

screened porch table 006

We found this old farmhouse table after we moved here and it’s perfect for a serving station.  I added the skirt around it to hide my supplies while not in use.

Screened Porch 004

 No neutral cushions for the dining table!

Screened Porch 005

Turquoise and orange-to-red tones are the color choice for our screened porch,

Screened Porch 015

. . . influenced by this picture that my 97-year-old mother-in-law painted when she was sixteen. Sweet yes?

Screened Porch 036

Here’s a quick sweep around the room from left to right.

Screened Porch 027

Screened Porch 026

Screened Porch 022

Screened Porch 023

screened porch table 008

Now on to a few closeups to show you more detail.

Screened porch table 002

Screened porch table 003

Screened porch table 004

Screened Porch 042 Screened Porch, Rocker  001

This is a rocker from my childhood that my husband re-caned for me.  There is a tutorial in the making but he isn’t as motivated at blogging as I am :(

Screened Porch 008

Screened Porch 009

Screened Porch 073

Screened Porch 043

Screened Porch 040

And the only rules we have for settin’ on the back porch . . . RELAX.

No matter what’s happening all around us, when we take time to relax in Him, we always find something to be thankful for.


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